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tango in the wild

“It’s so powerful, with a lot of emotions and feelings,” said Eija Eerola, right. “It’s a bit melancholy. And that’s the way we are.” Source: NYT :: A Finnish Town Mad for Tango

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may snow shower

People strolling through a park Finland during a wet May snowstorm, 1968. Photo by George F. Mobley | Source: Nat’l Geo Found

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Bear, Finland. Photograph by Sylwia Domaradzka Source: Nat’l Geo :: Photo of the Day

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boys on swings

The photo above by Tiia Ettala of a Playhouse by Bach Arquitectes reminds me of Maxfield Parrish’s Poems of Childhood illustration (left). See also: poems of childhood

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sonic seascape

‘Sitting inside one of these riverside pavilions in Turku, Finland, you can hear what’s going on beneath the water’s surface. Speakers embedded inside the walls of the two structures transmit the real-time recordings of underwater microphones, called hydrophones, positioned in … Continue reading

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The Finnish writer Elvi Löhönen in front of Kokkola City Library. This picture, for me, is a constant reminder about not letting go; always trying one more time. ~ Jussi Leinonen Source: NYT Lens blog :: On Second Glance, a … Continue reading

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