in memory of yay


Cat in the window, moon in the sky, stars to lift me high


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4 Responses to in memory of yay

  1. Timothy says:

    This sounds like a personal post and that Yay was your cat? If so, I am so sorry for you. I know what that feels like and my thoughts are with you.

    • ettagirl says:

      Thank you, Timothy. Yay was my daughter’s cat but had recently come to live with me and had often been a long term guest in my home over his 13 years. He charmed everyone who met him, including me. Feeling his absence keenly.

  2. Captivated by that face, those eyes. I can imagine he is deeply missed. A beautiful creature, and I’m so sorry for your and your daughter’s loss.

  3. ettagirl says:

    Thank you, Susan. The house is quieter without Yay. He was a big boy and the noise he made when bounding down the stairs earned him the nickname Thumper :) I feel sad for my daughter who was half a continent away when we had to let him go, and for Yay’s longtime companion Itamae. If they weren’t grooming each other, they’d be playing out the same cat fight, Yay always submitting to the smaller but fiercely dignified Itamae.

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