Les aventuriers.

Piémanson is a paradise for children: They can play and feel like adventurers all day long. 2011. Photo: Vasantha Yogananthan

“Today, Piémanson is the last beach in France where people can set up camp between May and September,” [photographer Vasantha] Yogananthan said…. Aware that their summer paradise might soon disappear, the families came to him with an idea: to produce a book. “They wanted something that would make Piémanson live on,” he recounted. “Every end of August, the families gather around a big bonfire made with the building materials that won’t be used the following year. But the atmosphere is heavy. It is hard to tell if the children or parents are the saddest to leave. They don’t know if they’ll be allowed to reinvent their enchanted interlude the following year in this small piece of Eden that lawmakers have had, so far, the good taste to forget.”

Source: NYT Lens :: French Summer Castles in the Sand

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