in memoriam

Sad to see a favourite old birch tree that inspired many a #morningwalk had been cut down this morning.

birch tassels, willow spills,
cherry blossoms, daffodils,
finches chase, goose wings,
woodpecker knocks, robin sings
apr 14/10

there is a dare in the air, a cool confidence,
delicate and resilient as the papery bark on a pioneering birch
sept 17/10

pale bark, soft in the dark
three birch bound at the root
hold out a single flute
effervescent, yellow
nov 18/10

three birch sprung from a trunk cleaved
limbs embraced, strung with gold leaf
oct 11/11

birch peel reveals a mimeograph
dotted and dashed as its papery wrap
apr 23/12

trined birch rears searing white on a blaze of blue
march 29/13

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