in flagrante delicto

07fossil-2-popupA fossil of a pair of copulating froghoppers. Scientists have dated the find to 165 million years ago. | Shu Li and Chen Wang.

07fossil-1-articleLargeTwo modern-day froghoppers in a mating embrace, right. | Jason Shih

The discovery is scientifically significant because the mating behavior exhibited is essentially the same as that of froghoppers today.

Fossils that show behavior of any sort are unusual, and fossils of mating insects even more so….

Only 33 examples of copulating insects are known to exist in the entire fossil record, most of them caught in amber. Until now, the oldest was two tiny flies, what fly fishers call midges, preserved in 135 million-year-old amber from Lebanon. | Source: NYT

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One Response to in flagrante delicto

  1. Penny says:

    An eternal embrace! How romantic!

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