a bramble & a burn

R160The bronze bramble, 2012

‘Being the last wild food still gathered by everyone they [blackberries] symbolise that contact, that connection with the seasonal rhythms of the countryside still hanging by a thread here in Britain. With their vivid unripe scarlet and crimsons contrasting with the indigo and black ripened berries; the viridian leaves in their repeating threesomes and those off white almost pink delicate petals framed and protected by the crisscrossing lattices of briar and bramble – this is where the whitethroats nest and the bees buzz; so much to be drawn into, so much to paint.’

B2Between the leaf and the crab – the burn and her water wheel, 2012

‘I trailed the stream from its loch high on the moor past the mill and down to that dark coast with my pencil line and paintbrush stroke, tracing every curve and meander, overhanging tree and washed rock. So a journey for the Tangy Burn [and for me] from the source to the sea of only 4 kilometres but as resonant and diverse as any River Thames, Clyde or Forth; a small world but encompassing all those serpentine bends and twists, river cliffs and flood plains; all those falls and eddies, rushes and cataracts.’

~ Kurt Jackson

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