apartment no. 1




This apartment block in the Iranian town of Mahallat was constructed using the otherwise useless offcuts from local stonecutting businesses.

Stonecutting is the largest trade in the area but is a wasteful process that discards more than half of its produce, so architect Ramin Mehdizadeh of Tehran studio Architecture by Collective Terrain (AbCT) decided to recycle the material and use it as cladding for a building.

The variations in colour, size and texture give a natural pattern to the walls, which angle outwards at intervals to shield small windows from direct sunlight.

Larger windows are screened by timber shutters made from locally milled wood … the shutters help to regulate light and temperature in the apartments at the hottest times of the year.

Source: Dezeen | Photography by Omid Khodapanahi

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2 Responses to apartment no. 1

  1. Penny says:

    Fabulous and innovative…
    but I still wouldn’t wanna live there.

    • ettagirl says:

      building or country? ancient persian culture appeals, current regime, not so much. do love architect’s use of up-cycled, locally sourced materials, and esp. intriqued by the angled slots in the courtyard wall.

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