Picture 1Colleagues (1969) by Vitas Luckas | Source: NYT :: Rescuing a Photo Prince From Obscurity

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2 Responses to colleagues

  1. Penny says:

    Hmmmm, they look like a little more than colleagues!
    (A delightful shot, nonetheless!)

    • ettagirl says:

      oh yes! pretty sure it’s a pic of the photog and his wife Tanya.

      from the NYT story:
      [Tanya] Aldag was both his muse and his creative partner, alternately his subject and his co-producer.

      …Ms. Aldag met him at a hospital where she was training to be a nurse. She was 18, he was 24. Their first home together consisted of a single-person cot in the photography lab where Mr. Luckus found a job. “We were skinny, thank God,” Ms. Aldag said. “We would put these cartons a little bit under the mattress, and bedspreads. And when we want to turn, we say, ‘O.K., turn.’ ”

      The two made money by creating advertisements that shopkeepers hung above half-empty store shelves. Ms. Aldag still has the prints: colorful photographs of smiling men and women holding bundles of bread and fish.

      “We just lived,” Ms. Aldag said. “We did. We lived. We were happy.”

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