for listo

Picture 6From Romanes circus by Gérard Uféras

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  1. thellum says:

    Hi Henrietta,

    Carrie and I have taken the kids to Egypt for a month. We return mid-January. We are posting images and thoughts when we can here:

    Hope you are well (love your ettagirl posts!),


    ++ via iPad ++
    Timothy Hellum | Application Specialist
    The Globe and Mail – Canada’s National Newspaper

    • ettagirl says:

      Hi Tim,

      Just spend an hour or so following your trip from Paris on. What a wonderful family adventure. Will keep checking in daily :) Good on your mum, and can’t wait to see what the coming days bring.

      Best, H

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    FromEttagirl’s blog (Thank you!). Photo credit – Romanes circus by Gérard Uféras.

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